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If images of stuffy black tuxedos, stiff top hats and appearing rabbits are all that come to mind when you think of magic, you need to visit Magicopolis in Santa Monica.

You’ll see people dissolve in one place and reappear somewhere else and someone can read your thoughts. Objects move and change guided by the power of the mind and humans float in mid-air. Again and again you are witness to impossible happenings. Sometimes you even become part of one.

The Magicopolis experience is one of highly entertaining live theater. This is the way magic was meant to be seen – It’s leagues beyond televised magic shows.

Don’t miss the dynamic magic duo of Steve Spill and Bozena Wrobel in “Escape Reality” the one-of-a-kind show that dazzles audiences of all generations with wit, style, and grace – featuring a stunning mix of outrageous sleight-of-hand and unbelievable optical illusions including a jaw-dropping act of levitation, mind-reading, disappearances, and a nail-biting Houdini inspired escape.

Now playing every Friday 8PM, Saturday 2PM Saturday 8PM, Sunday 2PM. Treat your friends and family as well as yourself. Click Here to buy tickets now, or call 310-451-2241 today.

Magicopolis entertains auto mechanics, doctors, grocery clerks, accountants – and their families…as well as film and television stars. A distinguishing feature of Magicopolis has been the active involvement and frequent attendance of some of the world’s most famous people.

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