LA Weekly
By: Martin Hernandez

Mixing sketch comedy and magic acts, the husband-and-wife team of Steve Spill and Bozena Wrobel serve up an entertaining family-friendly vaudeville-style show, complete with one-liners, and acts of prestidigitation that leave audience members pondering “How did they do that?” (Even my skeptical 10-year-old nephew was impressed.) The vivacious Bozena Wrobel serves as the perfect foil for Spill’s droll MC, and the engaging pair add a touch of charm to the standard but still astounding magic fair presented. Spill opens the show and fills scene changes with amazing card tricks and other sleight of hand exercises involving audience members. Later, Spill plays a psychiatrist moonlighting as a magician who calms his frazzled patient by levitating her above a couch. The piece de resistance is the Table of Terror, one of the most dangerous escapes ever staged. Spill closes with an escape from handcuffs and chains in time to avoid being pierced by 39 long metal spikes. It is a heart pounding finish to a highly amusing show.