Blog From Customer
By: Pablo Santibanez

Magicopolis, this is truly one of those magical gems that reminds me of why I love living in Southern California. Where else could you find so much talent? I live in the magic city of Santa Clarita. Our magic is founded upon a mountain, Magic Mountain with it’s rides and thrills. However there is another magic city and that is Magicopolis.

I recently attended my niece (Kadyn’) birthday at Magicopolis in Santa Monica California. As family and friends arrived we all gathered in the front lobby as one of the “magicians” was entertaining the kids doing a variety of magic tricks. All were readily available for purchase to any up and coming magician. Many magicians credit there love of magic as a result of seeing a particular magical feat that inspires there desire to perform Magic.

Bozena Wrobel is no exception. She not only fell in love with the magical performance of Steve Spill but she fell in love with him as well (that’s a whole other blog). Steve and Bozena envision opening other locations of Magicopolis like some of the better known comedy clubs. Just a subtle hint for another future location of Magicopolis Santa Clarita home of “Magic Mountain”

The kids were enjoying every minute of this magic show as we waited for our turn to go to the “party room”. The time had now arrived to enter the room. Here the kids ate pizza as the magician who minutes earlier was entertaining the group now became party host and server. I and other family and friends in attendance performed our own magic on the sandwiches and food making it all disappear. We sang Happy Birthday ate our cake and it must be time to go right?

No, not quite it’s time for the “Main Event” Well hidden towards the back of the building at Magicopolis is a full sized theatre with over a hundred seats! Steve Spill and his wife Bozena Wrobel took the stage and that is where the real magic took place.

In today’s world there are so many instant options for entertainment to distract us from life, Ipods, Television, etc…. A lot of talentless, meaningless forms of entertainment as well. It is refreshing to see live entertainment with notable talent.

What a child experiences today in the first few years of life is what would have been a lifetime of entertainment for many in the not so distant past. It really takes true talent to keep our attention spans and to wow us these days.

The show began and throughout the show there where moments for everyone (young and old). Finally a venue where I didn’t have to cover my child’s ears or eyes at a given moment (Family Entertainment for all ages) During the short breaks between performances there were moments when the curtains closed in which Bozena Wrobel would share a one on one moment with the audience. For example in one of these instances she symbolically used a simple thread and candle to illustrate life’s ups and downs and how to be happy when life has other plans for you. This was one of many similar “memorable” moments shared between Steve, Bozena, the birthday girl, and audience that afternoon.

Yours truly was asked to assist in the performance and it seems no matter what venue I attend I end up in the show. I have never willingly volunteered, today was no exception. I was asked to pick a card and show it to the audience place it back in the deck and Steve (Magician) would know which one it was. After a few moments I realized I had been “had” It got a great laugh with those in attendance, but it also symbolized the story of my life. Many times throughout my life I have been looking for something elsewhere when it was right in front of me all along. You’ll know what I mean when you see this trick at the show. That’s life in the”Magic” city.

These two very talented individuals put on a great and entertaining show. The performance is refreshing and unique. Who would of thought and hour and a half of magic would be so profound and thought provoking. The magic is what you leave with. That folks is part of the magic of Magicopolis.