By: Thomas Young and Maureen Tobin


To this end we present a world of magic at Magicopolis, Santa Monica. Sit back and succumb to the magnetic pleasure of “Escape Realty,” a show of wonderful skits, theatrics, humor and great dialogue.

Magicopolis is the ultimate dream and creation of Steve Spill – entrepreneur, magician and showman – who has been around magic all his life. Along with his wife Bozena Wrobel, a gorgeous, well-known actress in Poland, he produces “Escape Realty,” an extravaganza of pure entertainment. Spill, with his dry, sardonic, droll humor, and Sparrow, with her sparkling, slightly madcap comic sense, are show people first, effortless in their presentation. What a team! Escape reality is something we should all do more often.

Here is an exceptional diversion for all ages, with a cast of pros. Come with your sweetie, your parents, your kids, yourself. Magic gives you a chance to open your eyes wide, be child-like in your curiosity and wonder. We kept asking, “How did they do that?” It all looked so easy. Spill and Wrobel are such flawless performers.

Magicopolis opened in 1998 with special guests Penn and Teller leaving their footprints in cement. Celebrities love it here, and magically appear in seats when they think no one is watching.

This is a terrific theater with excellent seats, great acoustics and enchanting sets. At Magicopolis you can purchase magic tricks and other goodies. Birthday parties are a treat, with a special day of food, cakes, a magic class, bags of tricks for the guests and a big magic show.