By: Yomama

How often do we parents get to turn to our kid and gasp, “How the squid did he do that?” With Santa Monica’s Magicopolis offering a family-friendly version of its popular “Escape Reality” show on weekend afternoons, the answer is twice a weekend. No offense to those eager, multi-tasking birthday party clowns and their not-so-sleight-of-hand, but the tricks at Magicopolis are popcorn-droppingly amazing. Many are familiar – from handkerchief illusions to sawing a woman in half – but professional wow-ist Steve Spill (pictured) has concocted clever skits, often with his beguiling assistant Eleanora, that add to the drama. “Impossible!” exclaims Nipper as three rings collected from audience members are linked – for real! – and then somehow unconnected by Mr. Spill. And when Eleanora elegantly rises and floats midair above a couch, we’re all believers. Seeing a good magician pull a quarter from a kid’s ear has endured because, if you’re willing to give in to the wonder, even grown-ups can feel like a kid.