bozena_wrobelActress Bozena Wrobel never imagined that she would be a founder of Magicopolis, or be a master magician in the theater’s long running show, but that’s what’s happening now, in “Escape Reality” which she co-wrote and co-produced.

Her first love is acting, and she has incorporated that passion into her work as a magician. Particularly close to her heart are the monologues she has written to perform with the magic. A story about her grandmother brings us back to childhood and amazes with a trick using an old umbrella; another piece shares her philosophy on what to do when life brings unpleasant surprises that is elegantly captured in a trick with a candle and spool of thread.

In her native Poland, Bozena’s unique presence has graced a vast array of films – from Oscar winner Krzysztof Kieslowski’s “Decalogue” to Oscar winner Andrzej Wajada’s “Korczak” and she has starred in numerous roles at the Polish National Theater in Warsaw.

wrobel_collageEqual parts writer, producer, director, and actress – in 2008 Bozena premiered “Confessions of a Floating Lady” her well-received autobiographical one woman show. Currently she is preparing the one-woman show “An Unrealized Dream” based on the novel “Night” written by Serbian writer Vedrana Rudan, it captures the turbulence of a female soul in post –war Yugoslavia from a comedic point of view.

“… Bozena’s striking appearance effectively contrasts with her over-the-top goofiness…”

“…Bozena speaks one of the oldest theatrical languages with undimmed artistry, immediacy and charm.”

Bozena Wrobel Videos

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